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The New Craze in Event Catering and Design

These decorative feasts set the tone for a simply spectacular event and are intended to “wow” your guests with an abundance of delicious delights.  It is an unconventional, unpretentious but remarkable way to present food, making communal feasting with friends and family a wonderful and meaningful experience.  Grazing tables are perfect for larger gatherings of 25 people or more.

We specialize in two styling options: Flat Lay or Layered

Both options require a table or surface for assembly (inquire about our for hire tables below). Set up time is 2-4 hours (depending on event size). Once your grazing table is set up and you are happy with how everything looks, we leave it in your capable hands.  Take down may be arranged at an additional cost.
We are happy to customize your grazer according to specific requirements, being a particular theme or dietary restriction (nut free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.).  
Please specify requirement when requesting a quote.

Flat Lay Grazing Table

Assembled and beautifully styled directly onto a table/surface (over specialty paper and greenery foliage). Our Flat Lay style option may seem like one layer of glory but it is layers of flavour. Every table is artfully styled with the intention to please all of your guests palates and senses.  Eco-friendly plates, napkins and flatware are included in this package.  

Layered Grazing Table

A stunning centerpiece for any event! This table is tastefully set up with wooden boards, marble plates and platters, risers, floral arrangements and serving ware to add impact, height and depth. Our delicious display is assembled and styled within this design. Add our Signature Honeycomb Centerpiece assembled with a wheel of Brie or Camembert, fresh fruits and berries to create this breathtaking tablescape that will definitely impress your guests.  Eco-friendly plates, napkins and flatware are included in this package.

Our Grazing Table Packages include:

* A selection of cheeses and cured meats, wheel of French Brie with honeycomb & fresh berries, fresh and dried fruits, fresh veggies and hummus or dips, sweet and savoury nuts, freshly baked breads & artisan crackers, olives, cornichons & pickled veggies, locally made preserves & relishes, beautiful foliage and/or blooms, curated decor & personalized signage, table linens (if needed), platters, boards & serving utensils (on loan basis), eco-friendly plates, napkins & flatware, tablescape styling, set-up & take down.

Optional extras:
* Decor add-ons such as tables, curtain lights, balloons and themed decor
* Cheese tower cakes, dessert boards, layered cakes, custom cookies, fresh fruit platters, Mediterranean Mezze platters, salads, appetizers, etc.  

** Props, boards, platters, foliage, serving ware, and knives included with our grazing tables are on a loan basis and will be picked up the day after your event.
*Additional fees will apply for lost/damaged items.

Additional costs:
* An additional surcharge of $150 is applied for grazing table set up/take down between the hours of 9pm and 9am.
* Hiring of theme appropriate props outside of what we have in stock can be included in your quote upon request and subject to availability.

Please note: While our serving portions are generous, our grazing tables are meant to supplement a light meal. They are just right for grazing over with evening drinks. If additional food is required, you may choose to upgrade to a larger table or supplement with Folia’s Dessert Boards or appetizer options. To inquire, please email us at hello@foliaevents.c